Easily send professional construction reports to your clients

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Easily manage projects, and create professional reports.

Document and communicate progress for your clients.

Every report you create is securely backed up to the cloud so you never need to worry about losing valuable data.

Provide documented progress updates to your clients using notes, photos, and more.

Give your clients peace-of-mind by documenting project milestones. You'll sleep better and so will your clients.

Create PDF for your clients, to show an indisputable record of work performed, and reduce your risk.

Track progress and automatically generate professional PDF reports for your clients. Your business never looked so good.

Deliver an exceptional experience for your clients, and land more business.

Stay on top of your projects and keep your clients in the loop. Happy clients equal more business. Simple as that.


"We're very excited about the potential of Klip notes to transform how we keep our clients engaged in the build process."

– Justin Thain, Pu’uwai Design & Construction

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